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In early 2012, a team of accountants in Melbourne identified a number of recurring problems faced by users submitting their tax returns online:

  • It was taking too long for users to receive their tax refund
  • It was filled with unnecessary paperwork
  • The ATO audited many of these returns resulting in even more unnecessary expenses

Tax Return 24/7 was founded to cater for the growing amount of taxpayers wishing to complete their returns in the comfort of their own homes, without the need to wait for accountants who are always busy, or scratch their heads figuring out how to navigate through the government produced eTax.

Tax Return 24/7 provides the following:

  • A tax return interview, held over the phone with a qualified accountant
  • Competitive pricing for returns​

Our team of accountants are experienced tax consultants, and we do not outsource any of our services overseas. A tax agent* prepares and reviews your return prior to lodgement, and our admin team ensures you receive quick service.

We are the only company in Australia offering a 24 hour service, and work around the clock seven days a week to ensure you are taken care of.
Users can login to their personalised pages, where they’ll be able to upload documents, book an appointment, and monitor the progress of their tax return and communicate with their tax agent.

* Registered Tax Agent: 24703173

100% client satisfaction

Most working Australians need to lodge their tax return each year, with some exceptions. Unlodged tax returns can attract a costly penalty by the ATO. It is therefore very important that your tax agent has satisfied your tax obligations, and you are up to date with your tax return.

We take our fee from your refund, so you pay nothing upfront. This billing method is popular with clients who don’t wish to divulge credit card details online. Our accountants also guarantee the maximum returns on all of our tax refunds, so you know you’re getting the best deal.

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