Are you really available 24/7 ?
Yes! Tax return 24/7 hold bookings at any point in the day, provided you have uploaded all the relevant information. We are also available on weekends. You can get claim your tax refund anytime, anywhere.
How quickly can I receive my tax refund ?
Generally, it takes around two weeks for the ATO to process your return.
Can I monitor the progress of my tax return ?
Yes! We provide a link to the ATO produced ‘progress of tax return’ portal, where you can track your tax return and whether a notice of assessment has been issued.

100% client satisfaction

Most working Australians need to lodge their tax return each year, with some exceptions. Unlodged tax returns can attract a costly penalty by the ATO. It is therefore very important that your tax agent has satisfied your tax obligations, and you are up to date with your tax return.

We take our fee from your refund, so you pay nothing upfront. This billing method is popular with clients who don’t wish to divulge credit card details online. Our accountants also guarantee the maximum returns on all of our tax refunds, so you know you’re getting the best deal.

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